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Vinyl Wallpapers

Elevate your décor effortlessly with our resilient vinyl wallpapers. Easy to clean and stunning in design.

Custom Wallpapers

Transform your space with personalized elegance! Our custom wallpapers bring your vision to life, adding flair and character to any room.

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Mural Wallpapers

Immerse yourself in a world of creativity and wonder with our breathtaking mural wallpapers. Turn any wall into a masterpiece.


Why Wall Direct


Exceptional Support

Our team provides comprehensive support to interior designers throughout the sampling and ordering process. Your satisfaction is our priority.


Professional Supervision

A dedicated project manager oversees on-site installations, ensuring professionalism and attention to detail at every stage of your project.


Experienced Installers

With over 40 years of experience, our skilled wallpaper installation teams ensure impeccable results every time. Trust in our expertise for flawless execution.


Precision Measurements, Minimal Waste

Say goodbye to counting quantities. Simply share your drawings, and our team will handle accurate measurements, reducing wastage and streamlining your project's efficiency.

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