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Timeless, hand-drawn Swedish wallpaper – enduring elegance. (1).png

Custom Digital Print

Now Available

  • At only RM 12/sqft 

  • We print on Vinyl surface

  • Artwork designer available*

Mural Wallpaper

Transform your space into a captivating masterpiece with our stunning murals wallpapers.​

Timeless, hand-drawn Swedish wallpaper – enduring elegance.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Lead time 
We do not keep stock, so a lead time of 2
 weeks is required from the date of payment/deposit.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
There is no minimum order quantity (MOQ) for purchasing wallpaper, and all wallpapers are
sold by the meter.

Quantity and Wastage
The quantity of wallpaper needed for your project depends on your wallpaper selection and the size of the wall. Keep in mind that wallpapers with pattern repeats may result in higher wastage.


We exclusively offer wallpaper supply and installation services throughout Malaysia.

Maintenance & Care

  • Regularly dust with a soft cloth or gentle vacuum cleaner.

  • Clean stains gently with mild soap and water.

  • Avoid excessive moisture and direct water exposure.

  • Prevent scratches and damage from furniture or objects.

  • Protect from prolonged sunlight exposure.

Termination of Wallcovering
Termination is necessary for all areas of the wallpaper installation. It involves providing additional material for coverage, alignment, trimming, and future maintenance, ensuring a seamless and polished result.

Recommended Wall Surfaces For Wallpapers Areas: 
The following are recommended wall surface preparations for wallpaper application. Please note that these recommendations are provided by Wall Direct, and they are not certified in wall preparation. Wall Direct will not be held liable for any issues related to wall preparation.

Concrete Screeded Walls: It is advised to apply skim-coat joint compound, such as ASG All Purpose Joint Compound, followed by two coats of solvent-based paint, like Jotun Gardex Primer or Fedemax 73, or Nippon 5400 Wall Sealer.

Plywood, MDF, or Gypsum Board: For panel joints, it is recommended to use car putty, followed by two coats of solvent-based paint. Avoid using ceiling stopping compound for wall surface plastering, as it may lead to delamination when water-based adhesive for wallcovering is applied during installation. It is also recommended to scrape the wall surface to minimize any irregularities.
These recommendations aim to ensure proper wall preparation for wallpaper installation.

Discover More about Suitable Areas, Surfaces, and Tips for First-Time Wallpaper Users

To learn more about suitable areas and surfaces for wallpaper, as well as helpful tips for first-time users, we recommend clicking here to explore further.

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